Each client is unique.

That means each marketing program is unique because it’s tailored to specific business needs.

The desired outcome is always the same: to create content that drives lead generation and to turn those leads into customers. 

The Chicago Content Lab boosts your bottom line through strategic lead-generation programs that follow a proven, five-step process based on the principles of brand journalism.

Here's our proven process:

  1. Dive deep into your business goals. We’ll learn the ins and outs of your business cycle, develop an understanding of your customers, learn about your ideal customer and analyze your closing ratio.
  2. Design your lead generation program. We identify qualifiers and work with strategically chosen partners to achieve your lead-generation goals using our content philosophy that the platform doesn’t matter; communication matters.
  3. Execute the strategy we’ve developed together. This is where we’ll begin to capture those leads.
  4. Set each lead on a clear conversion course.
  5. Shepherd each lead through your sales pipeline until that lead becomes a customer. We’ll be measuring your cost per lead and ROI along the way.

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