I had the pleasure of working closely with Staci during her tenure at Ragan Communications. I witnessed firsthand her ability to marry the needs of our editorial department with those of our B2B clients. She understood how to deliver on client goals—qualified leads—while maintaining editorial standards.

She championed sponsored content that offered value to the reader, which landed clients in front of their target audience. They trusted Staci to meet their lead goals. And she delivered.
— Roula Amire, VP of Editorial, Ragan Communications

Staci has many great qualities that she brings to her customers. She has a great deal of integrity, she is very intelligent and dependable, and she is able to establish and build trust quickly.

Those qualities, along with a terrific sense of marketing and how to help her clients earn their needed ROI, is what makes her a tremendous asset to those she works with. One thing that you’ll notice when you work with Staci is she is extremely DRIVEN to succeed.
— Matt Sunshine, Managing Partner at The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2